Govardhan Puja Wallpaper, 2022,Photo Images Download

Govardhan Puja Images , 2022 Photo Wallpaper Pics In HD

Govardhan Puja Images Wallpaper HD Govardhan Puja celebrated the second Day following the Diwali festival. It is also called Annakut, or Govardhan Pooja. Govardhan Pooja commemorates the victory of Lord Krishna over Indra who is the king of Gods. The year of Govardhan Puja will be celebrated on the 29th of October.

This day is celebrated by people who build Govardhan Hill out of cow dumped dung and decorate it using flowers fruit and other vegetables. Govardhan hill is believed to be the home that of Lord Krishna. The devotees pray towards Govardhan hill and ask for the blessings of Lord Krishna.

The God’s blessings be with you always! Krishna remain with you forever! We wish you the best, in this post we share Govardhan Puja Pictures Download and Share

Govardhan Puja Wallpaper

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Govardhan Puja Images

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Govardhan Puja Images 2022

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Govardhan Puja Photo Pics

Govardhan puja HD Images

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Govardhan Puja HD Wallpaper Download

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